2018 will bring a significant transformation in the kitchen sector. From unique cabinet design to elegant color choice, you need to have an idea of some of the best kitchen layout patterns and cabinet design to install at home. Painting your cabinets need the work of professional craftsmanship, but ideas and design should be from your point of view. Below, you will find some of the best kitchen cabinet painting color ideas or designs for 2018 offers.

What should you consider before painting your cabinets?

Paint choice

You should make sure the type of paint to use in your kitchen does not give a chintzy look. Choose colors that bring a harmonious and “cool” look in the kitchen

Paint exceptionality

Go for a color choice that is not so common in the market. Exceptionality will bring class and elegance to your kitchen cabinets.


A simple DIY kitchen project is the cheapest way to have your cabinet sparkle with the best type of paint. However, working with a professional guarantee perfect result. Therefore, work with a reasonable budget for the whole project.

21 Best Kitchen Cabinet Painting Color Ideas and Designs for 2018

Dark floor cabinets with white wall cupboards

Blend your cabinet pattern with dark painted cabinets at the bottom half of your kitchen and white cupboards on the upper wall cabinets. Choosing dark colors eliminates the possibility of dirt appearance.

An all-white cabinet style

White blends perfectly in any room inside the house. If you choose an all-white cabinet painting style, your kitchen will be transformed to give you a fluorescent perception.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Color Ideas 2018 - White Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Color Ideas 2018 – White Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic brown color choice

To give your kitchen cabinets an old-fashioned kind of appearance, choose the traditional brown choice with slight pattern designs.

An all gray cabinet style

The gray colored cabinets give your dream kitchen a beautiful finish. Gray cabinets come with many advantages; they are easy to notice in the kitchen, and the lighter shades of gray are a spectacular choice.

Burnt sienna Island with white kitchen cabinets

The burnt sienna paint is an exclusive choice to use with your kitchen island drawers, and it blends perfectly with a white cabinet choice.

A dual tone white and coconut colored cabinets

Choose to incorporate the brilliant white and coconut brown paint for cabinets in the kitchen for an elegant look. Brown coconut exceeds the ordinary brown regarding color reflection and general appearance.

Corn color design

Though unique and sophisticated, the corn choice of color gives your kitchen a jazzy and an attractive look. Cabinets painted corn look fashionable, and will blend precisely with the many kitchen appliances.

Dark blue-gray

Cabinets painted with the dark blue paint assume a bold appearance. Dark blue has recently become the most recommended color choice to use with modern kitchen cabinets. With additional shades of gray in the kitchen, the dark blue color properties are highlighted significantly.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Color Ideas 2018 - Dark Blue-Gray Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Color Ideas 2018 – Dark Blue-Gray Kitchen Cabinet

Veneer plywood cabinet finish

Veneer is an excellent choice for the kitchen if you want your cabinets to assume a subtle texture and an outstanding finish. The natural veneer color is resistant to fading.

Spring green cabinets

The color green gives your kitchen a fresh and flamboyant look. Spring green cabinet choice is an excellent idea and style to use with modern kitchen designs.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Color Ideas 2018 - Spring Green Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Color Ideas 2018 – Spring Green Kitchen Cabinets

Chocolate brown with shades of white

You can have brown wall cabinets with shades of white on the kitchen wall to blend flawlessly and improve the look in your kitchen.

A blend of Cocoa brown and silver gray countertops

Gray countertops incorporated with cocoa brown cabinets convey an exquisite look in your kitchen.

Egyptian blue wall cabinets

Kitchen cabinets painted Egyptian blue are outstanding. Your kitchen will look attractive once this paint choice is applied.

Cobalt blue cabinet paint

This unique color choice gives your kitchen a calm and mellow mood. Unlike the typical dark blue, cobalt blue works perfectly to improve the look and feel of your kitchen cabinets.

White floor pattern style with gray cabinets

If your kitchen has got white floor tiles, painting your cabinets gray helps upgrade the look and style of your kitchen’s layout.

White wall tiles incorporated with charcoal black cabinets

White wall tiles and black kitchen cabinets give your kitchen some traditional black-and-white look observed in the mid 19 century.

Brown wooden floorboards with wooden walls with white kitchen cabinets

This unique style brings out the beauty of your kitchen layout. Only high maintenance is needed to keep this kind of kitchen sparkly and fresh.

Champagne maple kitchen cabinets

The natural brown color of maple can is preferred for smaller kitchen layouts. Blend this wood choice with germane wall tiles to give your kitchen the best 2017 look.

Matte black cabinets

The matte black is not just an ordinary color. This color choice can be incorporated into any other color of your choice to enhance elegance in your kitchen. Working with Matte black means additional bright colors to balance the amount of light in any room.

Matte white background for your kitchen cabinets

Cabinets painted matte white often give your kitchen a pure, safe, and clean appearance. The design your cabinets assume should match the color choice for added emphasis and style.

Autumn Oak

The autumn oak is a natural orange color that gives you a fascination and attraction kind of feeling. Using this type of wood and color choice makes your kitchen among the leading rooms in your home to spend some time in them.

One last option you should consider

Almond kitchen cabinets with white woodgrain emphasis

Emphasize the look in your kitchen with a selection of perfectly blend almond and white woodgrain color. This choice is both unique and classy.