Organizing your bathroom adds a little space and emphasizes the beauty of your restroom. If your bathroom does not have a medicine cabinet or a drawer, we have got a great way you can choose to arrange all your accessories with ease. You can easily organize bathroom with a few helpful accessories.

Organizing Bathroom with a vanity unit

If your bathroom doesn’t have a medicine cabinet or drawers, the best choice of storage unit you should consider is the vanity unit. Vanities do not just add elegance and style to your bathroom. They will come in handy for the storage of toothbrushes, hair gel, hand washing detergents and other bathroom essentials.

Place the vanity in a strategic position and transform the look in your bathroom. The size of the bathroom vanity will significantly depend on the extent and layout of your bathroom. Small bathrooms need smaller size vanities whereas larger bathroom layouts need larger bathroom vanities.

Also, let us not forget the design most vanity units possess. Before purchasing a vanity unit for your bathroom, know the essentials you will want to keep inside the vanity unit. An essential vanity unit should enable you to fit all your bathroom accessories with ease.

Organizing Bathroom with Bathroom Vanity Unit

Organizing Bathroom with Bathroom Vanity Unit

Install a unique shower caddy

To have a neat and tidy bathroom layout that functions to its expectation should not miss a shower caddy. The shower caddy is a great item to hang your towels, stuffing hair shampoos, and keep bathing soap and other cleaning detergents. If your bathroom does not have a place to put your dry towels, then the shower caddy will help.

With the right caddy design, your bathroom can assume a sophisticated and elegant look apart from the functionalities the caddy comes with. The shower caddy should match the color of the bathroom tiles to add style.

Install custom-made shelves to hold additional accessories.

Shelves are a great way to put all your bathroom accessories neat. Your custom-made shelves can blend with your bathrooms layout/ tile pattern for a more sophisticated look. Go for durable shelving material to have a long-lasting storage experience in your bathroom. Also, add emphasis to your bathroom with the right color choice to apply on your shelves.

The shelves will hold any size of bathroom accessory (shampoos, hand gel, detergent containers) only if the space you have chosen to separate the compartments is precise.

Placing your shelves should be in an ideal location to improve the ease in accessing whatever you will want. Professional craftsmanship is recommended so that your shelves fit permanently on the wall and increase its service time.

Organize Bathroom - Shelves

Organize Bathroom – Shelves

Modernly designed bathroom layout with wall mounted countertop.

Modernly designed bathroom layouts look attractive with the wall mounted countertops. The wall mounted countertop can work same as the vanity unit. If your bathroom does not have a medicine cabinet, you can install small sized cabinets below the countertop not only to improve the look in your bathroom but increase the functionality of your countertop unit.

The size of the countertop installed should embrace space and beauty. The amount of space available on the top surface should let you place the face soap, hand gel, and other bathroom accessories for a more organized look.

You can also add a mirror just above the countertop for additional utility.

Simple DIY convenience and detailed installation

Add some improvement to your bathroom with simple do it yourself item installation to keep your accessories safe and organized. This is the cheapest way to add elegance and style to your bathroom you can find available.

You can have handcrafted stainless steel/ polished rails running across your bathroom walls to hang dry towels and a few clothes. The rails will improve the organization your bathroom possesses.

Install beautiful jars on the walls close to your washing faucet and keep toothbrushes, makeup brushes and cotton wool safe. Without the cabinets and drawers, the jars will serve an all the same purpose in your bathroom.

Add a moveable cart to your bathroom.

Moveable carts are the best solutions for bathrooms without cabinets and drawers. With a beautifully designed cart, your bathroom’s layout will be improved immensely. The good thing about moveable carts is the ability to change its position from one corner to the other.

Add more style with attractive colors for your cart.  Make your bathroom look more organized. The cart is a great item to put your clean towels, makeup kits, and other light bathroom accessories.

Moveable carts come in different designs and styles, and the best choice should emphasize the look in your bathroom. We recommend adjustable carts to facilitate the storage of any size of bathroom accessory.

Organize Bathroom - Moveable Cart

Organize Bathroom – Moveable Cart

Install holders on your bathroom wall for ample accessory storage.

Without the cabinets and drawers in your bathroom, different holders on the wall can aid space creation and storage capabilities.

For the toothbrush, add beautifully designed toothbrush and toothpaste holders both for the kids and other bathroom users.

Shampoo holders and bathroom organizers are an excellent choice to help ease storage options in your bathroom. Place your shampoo holder close to the washing tap for a neat and organized bathroom look.

An automatic soap dispenser can be laid on the floor if your bathroom has got no drawers and cabinets. Beautiful and well-crafted soap dispensers also add style and class to your bathrooms appearance.

Install a permanent mirror strategically on the bathroom wall for a multifunctional use. Shaving and other makeup preparations can be carried out in front of the mirror. The mirror makes the bathroom look organized.