For a more sophisticated bathroom look, choose a vanity unit that splashes elegance and style. You can part with modernly designed units at quite an amount. We have got an in-depth analysis of what you should know before purchasing bathroom vanities.

What is the best material for bathroom vanities?

The base of your vanity unit should be carefully selected. Choose a material that is not only durable but attractive and unique.

For the faucet

The kind of sink and tap choice needs to add class and style to your vanity unit. Here are some beautifully designed faucets you should go for;

  • Elegant wall mounted taps for your vanity unit
  • Pull out faucets
  • Side sprayer
  • Centerset

Sink/basin for your bathroom vanity unit

If you either have a double vanity unit or a single vanity unit, the type of sink lying on top should be wisely selected.

Ceramic basins are the most common type of material used to make bathroom vanity units. Choose a ceramic bowl with an elegant style and attractive pattern designs to bring out an aesthetic look in your bathroom.

Granite materials make the best water basin material for bathroom vanities. With their classy look, purchase a vanity unit with a granite wash basin for an outstanding look.

The last choice you will find appealing is the marble basin type. Though expensive, unique, and stylish, marble sparkles the look of your vanity unit if not the whole bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities with Marble Basin

Bathroom Vanities with Marble Basin

Ideas for a single bathroom vanity unit

If the single vanity unit intrigues you, you will need to have useful ideas of what to choose. There are factors you should consider before selecting the precise bathroom vanity unit. The size, shape, and layout of your bathroom are the key factors to consider.

Save the layout of your small bathroom with an attractive single vanity unit. If the layout of your bathroom is quite small, purchase a single unit and maximize the available space and add more accessories.

Single vanity units are relatively small therefore you will not fit all your bathroom accessories inside them. Improve the storage capabilities in your bathroom by adding additional bathroom cabinets on the walls.

Most single bathroom vanity units come with additional drawers at the bottom-most part close to the ground. Choose the right vanity with the drawers to allow you to keep dry, clean towels with ease. Some single units will only have space at the bottom part to function just like the drawers.


Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

Ideas for a double bathroom vanity set

The double bathroom vanity unit gives you multiple functions if not the class and beauty they possess. Numerous designs are available for easy decision making. But there are a few you will only find here.

The double vanity unit is quite an excellent choice for a much bigger bathroom layout. To fill the space available in your bathroom, add a double vanity set with stylish finish and transform the look in your bathroom.

Double bathroom vanity units enable you to fit all your bathroom accessories with ease. The vanity’s large size is quite significant if your bathroom has got lots of accessories that need storage. You can have the guests stuff stuffed in particular drawers and the family’s stuff placed in other separate drawers.

The double bathroom vanity set with double sink and basin improves most of the bathroom’s functionality. With the dual sink, a maximum of two family members can carry out personal hygiene without any interference.

Add emphasis to your bathroom vanity unit with the right color choice.

The color choice of your bathrooms vanity unit brings out emphasis and class in your bathroom. If you need to know the right color to use with your vanity unit, you are in the right place.

Bright colors give your vanity set a fresh new look. White, light gray, and sky blue colors can make even a small bathroom layout look big. Keen maintenance is the trick needed to keep your bathroom vanities look outstanding and classy.

Unique and pleasing colors give your bathroom an elegant look. Coffee black, chestnut brown, and silver gray are quite an exceptional choice for bathroom vanity units. Going for these kinds of colors gives you bathroom not only a sophisticated look but a sleek and modern appearance.

The natural brown color of specific wood gives your vanity unit a whole new look. The natural color of OAK wood and Birch gives your vanity base a more transformed look that blends perfectly with your bathroom’s layout.

Bathroom vanity with cabinet vs. bathroom vanity with drawers

Vanities with cabinets or vanities without cabinets? This question flusters many homeowners. Choosing the kind of vanity unit design should be done carefully. Let us look at what the two choices offer.

Vanity with cabinets

Cabinets are a great way to keep all your accessories with ease. Opening and closing of any type cabinets are much simpler even for the little ones at home. Modernly made vanities employ the cabinet kind of design to add emphasis to the vanity’s look.

Vanity with drawers

Drawers have been the standard design associated with any furniture. If you want an old-fashioned kind of look in your bathroom, then a vanity unit with many drawers will come in handy. However, you will not be able to keep all your bathroom accessories inside the drawers because the space allowance the drawers offer is much smaller as compared to vanities made with the cabinet kind of design.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

So which is better?

Bathroom vanity units with cabinets should be your number one priority on the day of purchase.