There are lots of excellent wooden kitchen cabinet ideas you can find available in today’s market. The installation process, cost, and design are the main concerns you should look out for. In this article, we will not only show you some of the best designs and styles you might want to install in your kitchen but everything you will find interesting about wooden kitchen cabinets.

Before proceeding to install kitchen cabinets, determine your kitchen space firsthand. This will help trim down the available cabinet possibilities at your wishes.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets : Styles and Designs

Wooden cabinets with corner drawers

Once you have cabinets installed in your kitchen, you can have corner drawers placed to help put utensils at ease. These drawers should not necessarily be long inched in width for a more emphasized look.

Wooden cabinets with sliding doors

Eliminate the old-fashioned cabinets with this modern type design. Sliding doors have gained popularity because of their smooth opening characteristics. Although sliding doors are not easy to maintain, careful and precise movement helps to extend the life of your cabinets.

Wooden kitchen cabinets with Flip-up doors

Cabinets installed with these flip up doors are unique and stylish. Professional installation is needed when it comes to construction and assembly. Modern homes come fully furnished with these type of design and style.

Beautiful wall tiles with wooden kitchen cabinets to blend

The choice of specific wall tiles in your kitchen should match the color choice of your cabinets. Do some research before installation.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Other factors to consider:

Complete a unique finish for your kitchen cabinets with the below points

The color choice hugely determines the look of your kitchen. Bold colors such as Antique white, Artichoke, and Beige are quite an excellent choice to use with the kitchen cabinets.

Avocado green with a pair of matching furniture choice in your kitchen gives a delicate and harmonious environment.

  • Wooden kitchen cabinets with unique hinges and finish

Traditional hinges (Butt Hinges) have become a standard consideration during the installation of cabinets over the years. To finish your kitchen cabinets in style, we advise you to either look for the Barrel hinge, Butterfly hinge, or the pivot hinge. Not only because of their attractive look, but these three types also offer you a longer lasting experience with a low maintenance cost as compared to the others.

  • Partitioned drawers and cabinets

Partitioned drawers and wooden cabinets give you the opportunity to arrange your utensils in a neat and precise manner. Your kitchen space will look more organized with partitioned wooden cabinets.

  • Unique door knobs and handles for your wood cabinets

Handles used to finish your wooden cabinets determines the final look in your kitchen. Old-fashioned handles include the round kitchen knob, bridge kitchen handle, and the antique French type handles. Newer versions of handles have evolved to give your wooden cabinets a more sophisticated look. These handles include the colonial bronze drawer pull, the mega bar kitchen handle, and the chrome knob.

  • Glass pattern cabinets

Cabinets that have got a glass front look attractive in the kitchen. All your utensils will find a home in this cabinet design. Accessing spoons and other utensils are much more accessible as the transparent glass enhances vision.

The front part of your glass cabinets can assume different pattern designs to improve the look. A plain glass covering is economical to install, but the look is not quite exceptional.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom wooden kitchen cabinets

A custom-made cabinet will have all the qualities you have ever imagined. From color choice, door opening styles, and drawer selections, you can have a kitchen never seen before. Custom designs will suit your everyday need in the kitchen.

Custom finish patterns will also improve the look your cabinets assume. You can have an idea of the type of patter you want from professional cabinet suppliers.

  • Kitchen cabinets with countertops

Countertops are a unique way to maximize various functionalities in the kitchen. You can cut, prepare and access all your utensils while standing in the same position. The cabinets below the granite top can be custom made to emphasize not only the look but functionality as well.

You can have a countertop cabinet style at the center of your kitchen. This can be used as a dining area as well. Most modern homes today come equipped with this design.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Three wooden kitchen cabinet styles for different functionalities

  • The height and position of your kitchen cabinets are determined by the size and shape of your kitchen

For smaller kitchen spaces, install wooden cabinets that run along the kitchen walls to allow an area in the middle of the kitchen layout for sufficient movement. A squeezed kitchen will suffocate the amount of space needed for cooking and cookware storage.

  • Cabinets installed in the middle part of the kitchen walls

This idea is usually preferred if you need to save on kitchen space. Install kitchen wall cabinets along the walls adjacent to each other and keep your utensils safe and secure. Beautiful and well-sized kitchen cabinets also improve the look in your kitchen tremendously.

  • Lower cabinets for keeping detergents and kitchenware resources

In your kitchen, use the lower placed cabinets to store soap, washing detergents, and other cleaning materials. Food and other cookware supplies should not be in close contact with the floor.

The best type of material to choose and reasons behind

Your wooden kitchen cabinets need to be durable, unique and classy. This can be achieved if you use the correct type of material to assemble. Solid wood (oak and birch) delivers the best choice for your kitchen. When it comes to maintaining these kinds of cabinets, it’s a much easy assignment as compared to the other type of supplies.