We all want our kitchen cabinets to look stylish, and many of us want them to invoke a look that will create a specific style that fits with the architecture of our house or its décor. This is why HouseofCabinet offers a range of RTA and assembled cabinets to meet the varied needs of discerning home-makers. All our cabinets are top quality, and all our kitchen cabinet styles are available in the full range of units: floor, wall, and tall.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The styles are, in alphabetical order:

  • Country Oak Classic
  • Downtown Dark
  • Gramercy Midnight
  • Gramercy White
  • Greystone Shaker
  • Ice White Shaker
  • K-Cherry Glaze
  • K-Cinnamon Glaze
  • K-Espresso
  • Pacifica
  • Pepper Shaker
  • Shakertown
  • Sienna Rope
  • Signature Brownstone
  • Signature Pearl
  • Uptown White

Colors of units range from white to very dark brown, with a host of natural hues in-between. Materials used for manufacture include various solid woods – birch, maple, and oak – as well as medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

The definitive minimalistic Shaker style of furniture owes its origins to the Shakers, a religious sect that originated in the 1770s that is well known for it guiding principles of functionality, honesty, and simplicity. Shaker-style kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular in recent years, largely because of its classic look and clean, simple lines. Shaker-style kitchen cabinets work equally well in traditional and contemporary-style kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles – pure white kitchen with wooden floor

 Ice White Shaker-style kitchen cabinets look stunning in a streamlined modern home. The clean white lines of the cabinets, and window and door frames, contrast beautifully with light granite counter tops, gleaming strip wood floors and dull green painted walls.

Our Shaker cabinets mirror the classic style with a five-piece design that features a recessed panel in the center of the Shaker cabinet door and matching drawer front. There are no decorative edges, just beautiful clean lines that are plain and practical.

Both painted and high-quality American wood kitchen cabinets are available, all with a waterborne UV finish. The wood is either painted or stained.

Greystone Shaker

Manufactured from solid maple, the charcoal tones of Greystone Shaker kitchen cabinets add a certain rusticity to the streamlined style of House of Cabinet’s Shaker range. They look particularly classy when combined with black granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and high tech hardware.

Ice White Shaker

The hugely popular Ice White Shaker style of Shaker kitchen cabinets is manufactured from MDF that is spray painted with pure white and then coated with a hard wearing waterborne UV finish. A best seller, Ice White Shaker cabinets will add clean color to any cooking corner.

Pepper Shaker

Another popular Shaker-style range made from solid birch, deep brown Pepper Shaker kitchen cabinets create a rich contemporary look that has a certain masculinity about it. This style is versatile and will work in any sized area from a tiny kitchenette to a large, lavish kitchen space.


streamlined kitchen cabinets with a modern feel

Shakertown Kitchen Cabinet Style – streamlined kitchen cabinets with a modern feel

Traditional Shakertown kitchen cabinets used in a contemporary style home with modern fixtures, fittings, and accessories. The glowing wood contrasts beautifully with the blue-grey painted walls and white window frames.

HouseOfCabinet’s stylish Shakertown kitchen cabinets are made from solid birch and sealed to retain the natural color of the wood. The simple, clean lines of the Shaker-style cabinet design is the hero here.

Modern Kitchen Styles

Gramercy-style kitchen cabinets ooze sophistication and are made with the modern homemaker in mind. Beautifully crafted from solid birch American wood, the choice is either almost black or white, providing the perfect backdrop for any possible color scheme.

The Gramercy style units take on the archaic gramercy name that was commonly used to express gratitude or surprise. The origin of the word can be traced back to the old French phrase grand merci meaning great thanks in English.

Gramercy Midnight

Stained a very dark brown, Gramercy Midnight kitchen cabinets are surprisingly grand and very lovely. They may also be used in larger kitchens to make them feel more intimate and comfortable.

Gramercy White

Light, white, and gorgeously bright, Gramercy White kitchen cabinets have a contemporary appeal that will work in any sized kitchen.

Simple Sophistication for Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Similar in style to the Shaker range, modern kitchen cabinets don’t have the same age-old tradition. Some do, though, have a certain sophistication that many people prefer.

Uptown & Downtown

Whether you want to tone it up or down, House of Cabinet’s Uptown White and Downtown Dark ranges will help you achieve your kitchen design dreams.

Dark and light kitchen cabinets installed together

Kitchen Cabinet Style – Dark and light kitchen cabinets installed together

More versatile than many people realize, Downtown Dark and Uptown White kitchen cabinets are used together here to create visual contrast and interest.


Both manufactured from solid American birch wood, they are based on a classic design that has subtle detail. Simple yet elegant, both the Uptown White and Downtown Dark kitchen cabinets will add sophistication in a beautifully simple manner.

Definitively Different Kitchen Cabinets

If truth be told, the very best kitchen cabinets will enable you to create a kitchen in any style at all. The cabinets become the backdrop for your kitchen canvas and it’s really up to you to paint your own picture.

In addition to those already mentioned, you can use any of the styles offered by HouseOfCabinet, including Country Oak, the K-series, Pacifica, Sienna Rope, and Signature ranges. All of these are a little more decorative than the Shaker, modern, and more sophisticated styles shown above.

Country Oak Classic

Predictively manufactured from solid oak, the Country Oak Classic kitchen cabinet range is ideal for those who prefer a more contemporary “traditional” style. It is perfect for large farmhouse-style kitchens as well as smaller, characterful cottage kitchens.

The K-Series

The House of Cabinet K-Series has three designs, Cherry Glaze, Cinnamon Glaze, and Espresso. All manufactured from solid birch, it is the color of the finish that makes them different. Think cherries, cinnamon, and dark espresso coffee! Think deliciously different …


Rich in appearance without impacting on the pocket, Pacifica-style kitchen cabinets are manufactured from solid birch, one of the most popular American woods for cabinetry. This design will also suit a traditional study where cabinets are important for both storage and aesthetic appeal.

Sienna Rope

That gorgeous rich, red sienna brown is what shines through the kitchen cabinets in the solid birch Sienna Rope range. It’s pretty and really elegant and will suit any sized kitchens.

The Signature Range

Sign right here to get the Signature Brownstone or Signature Pearl kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen or renovation. Made from locally grown American birch, these stylish cabinets allow you to put your own stamp on your kitchen design. Unlike our simple Shaker kitchen cabinet designs, the Signature range is bold and beautifully decorative.

Signature Brownstone is the dark version, and Signature Pearl, the off-white light style. It’s amazing how much difference the color finishes can make. The choice is yours.

Now, all you have to do is choose your style! We’ve got it all on offer.