The key purpose of remodeling kitchen is definitely to give your kitchen a new look and to improve its efficiency. This could signify creating more storage space or countertop, and modifying the lighting for a more shadow-less and safe environment, or to reconfiguring the layout to allow a flowing, and friendly floor plan. Drawers also take a significant place in kitchen remodeling projects.

Being a pro in kitchen remodel ideas, we usually make suggestions to our customers to improve their kitchen efficiency by changing current lower cabinet into a drawer. This is because, if you have a deep drawer under your counter rather than cabinets, this will make a whole lot of change in the way you utilize the available space for storing your kitchen items. Next time you are carrying out a major kitchen remodel, instead of removing completely the current cabinets and fixing new kitchen cabinets, you can remodel your kitchen in a way to improve its convenience and functionality by fitting a drawer instead.

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

Here are reasons why you should choose drawers over cabinets in your kitchen remodeling project:

Drawers are more convenient than cabinets.

The standard lower cabinet is about 2ft. deep, this means that items kept in it can easily be pushed backward and be forgotten about. Do you have to really pull out every other thing in there just to take that one pot lying at the back of the cabinet? I guess no. Besides, as a result of to lower cabinets placements, you either have to bend down or completely knee down just to pick out that item you need. Whereas, drawers quickly provide a solution to this issue by simply sliding out, enabling an easy access to all your items; even those items at the very back are easily exposed.

Drawers enable great organization.

A doored cabinet basically has a big box of space enclosed, and if care is not taken could result in a total jumble of kitchenware. This can lead to frustration as well as making it problematic to locate what you are looking for, much more difficult and embarrassing if you’ve ever had family members or friends to come over to help you handle holiday cooking. Drawers make all these very easy by adding dividers and stack plates, utensils, lids, pans, and bowls, enabling an orderly and neat set up.

Kitchen cabinet door refacing is less expensive the replacement of whole cabinet doors, although refacing wouldn't work on some cabinets. Therefore, check properly the kind of materials your cabinet is made of before choosing to reface.  And once you have decided on replacing your kitchen cabinet doors, then you would need to choose the type of doors you want.

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers


Drawers ensure a better use of space.

Drawers allow you to be able to stack your kitchenware inside of it and simply pull the drawers out when you need to pick anything. Having one larger drawer or two stacked drawers in your kitchen creates more usable space than the typical kitchen cabinet. This means that you would be able to stack more items into the same space available if you had used cabinets instead – tell me, what’s the essence of the kitchen remodeling if not to allow more storage space. Cabinets could be tricky when it comes to the use of space. Majority of the lower cabinet doors have shelves behind them where items such as pan, pots, and dishes can get piled up and push backward. If yours is not a slide out shelve, you must bend down in order to see what is in the back of the cabinet. And even if you take your time to carefully organize your cabinets, the space left within the lower cabinet can never be effectively used.

Drawers offer a modern look.

Thanks to the many kitchens remodel ideas, with all the various types of kitchen drawer styles available, equipping your kitchen with a set of deep drawers right underneath your counter creates a more stylish and updated look. Choosing drawers over cabinets also helps in breaking up the monotony of the upper cabinet design. Note that if you are making plans to replace the upper cabinets with the latest choice of open shelves, add drawers underneath to make up for the storage space that might be lost up top.

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

When you are considering a kitchen cabinet refacing, and you are thinking of a design for your lower cabinets during the kitchen remodel, we suggest you use as many drawers as possible. Choosing drawers over your lower cabinets offers much better use of storage space. The drawers can slide to the very rear back of the cabinet and can be filled with your kitchenware even up to the corners.

Choosing a deep drawer provides even more space. Organizing you ware becomes easier when deep drawers replace your lower cabinet. Imagine you need to empty a dishwasher, you would find this easier when you are placing the dishes in a deep drawer, instead of piling them up very high in the upper cabinets – even your kids or short friend or relative can help you with arranging too.

With or without using a divider, you can neatly stack and arrange your pans, pots and other items neatly in the deep drawers.

Even if you choose not to completely replace your cabinets with drawers, choose cabinets with drawers rather than those with doors in their lower parts.

Now you have realized the importance of choosing drawers over cabinets, as you have seen that drawers offer more benefits than cabinets. Though it is not a must to replace your present lower cabinet with a drawer. We recommend you do this when considering a kitchen remodel. Even integrating a few drawer or deep drawers into your new kitchen cabinet design without doing a total replacement of the whole cabinets still offers a great storage option that you would like.

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