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AB-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Lait Grey Shaker


AG-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Greystone Shaker


AN-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Nova Light Grey Shaker


AP-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Pepper Shaker


AW-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Ice White Shaker


Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | AX-DWR33412


GW-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Gramercy White


SL-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Signature Pearl


TG-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Midtown Grey


TQ-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Townplace Crema


TS-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Townsquare Grey


TW-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Uptown White


VW-DWR33412 Dishwasher End Panel with 3" Return | TSG Forevermark Rio Vista White Shaker


Dishwasher Panels and Prices

When decorating your kitchen, you must consider hiding any appliances, including dishwashers, to get a more elegant look. Dishwasher panels‘ primary purpose is to conceal these unnecessary looks in your kitchen and give a better look to your rooms. 

Especially if you have a custom-designed kitchen, you must take a look at panel ready dishwashers. As every interior designer suggests, adding a panel to a dishwasher could easily uplift the mood of your kitchen. 

The dishwasher cover panel is an easy application that can be installed on almost every regular dishwasher. Even though you don’t need a specially designed dishwasher to install a cover panel, you may also buy a panel ready dishwasher and hide your appliances from the eyes of your visitors and add value to your home. 

A dishwasher cabinet panel is also another good option to consider. These cabinet panels can be used as a storage unit along with the ability to hide your appliances. These unique, cheap, and multifunctional pieces of furniture are able to reshape your kitchen’s needs as you want! 

Dishwasher panels are excellent at;

  • Completing the decor of your kitchen
  • Providing a complete look for your cabinets
  • Protecting your appliances from outer impacts and damage

Dishwasher Panels are Important for Decor

When decorating your home, hiding unnecessary appliances and other household items is a common practice. Especially if you don’t have much space in your kitchen, you can hide these items in closets, or you can simply use a dishwasher front panel to make the room appear bigger. 

Dishwasher front covers are an essential part of the decoration. Especially in cases where you can’t match the color palette of your furniture with your dishwasher, you may consider adding a panel to it. 

Thanks to the durable nature of dishwasher door covers, they can also help protect your appliances from impacts, water damage, and moisture. Especially if you are a big family with children, using a front cover for your dishwasher will be your best help. Even if it is damaged, you can easily replace the cover without any trouble, just with a few simple steps. Dishwasher cover panels are one of the best choices that you can make to protect your electronics. 

The dishwasher end panel and other parts, such as cover panels, can be found in colors like white, cream, or darker colors like black or brown. You can be sure that you will find the best products for your household with the help of the House of Cabinet’s extensive collection of furniture, including dishwasher panels.

You Must Hide Your Appliances for Better Atmosphere

Even though you have a stylish dishwasher, hiding your appliances is still a common practice to improve the kitchen’s decorational value. Even a stylish and good-looking machine can drastically affect your room’s color palette. Besides the decorational value, you can enhance the lifespan of your electronics, such as dishwashers, by adding a cover panel. 

You have plenty of options to place your dishwasher according to your room’s decor and color palette. Custom dishwasher panels are available for order to improve your home’s design. Especially if you are planning to renew your whole kitchen, you can order a custom design to get the most out of it. 

Dishwasher drawers are also another good option to add. These specially designed pieces of furniture allow you to store your items and your dishwasher. With a unique mechanism attached to the cabinetry, you can use the drawers of the panel for many purposes. 

Thanks to the unique nature of these fantastic products, you can improve the functionality of your kitchen with a simple step without spending a fortune on it. Especially if you have a panel ready dishwasher, you can add the best panels without sweat on your dishwasher and create a better atmosphere with a lot of functionality in your kitchen. 

Dishwasher Panels Increase the Life Span of Your Appliances 

Kitchenware is constantly in contact with water, moist, and very open to every kind of impact. Especially appliances like dishwashers are easier to get damaged because of their nature and placement on the floor. If you have children in your household, you might need to be extra careful while placing your furniture and, of course, your dishwasher!

A broken dishwasher can drastically lower the decorational value of your kitchen. A bad-looking, scratchy dishwasher can reduce the energy of your room. Not only with the visible damage, but you may also have trouble with functionality, and even you might need to change your appliances or do expensive maintenance. 

However, a dishwasher cover panel is a straightforward and cheap solution to protect your appliances. A simple panel or cover can save you from spending a fortune on maintenance. Along with its help with decoration, it also helps protect your dishwasher from impacts and other harmful situations, especially if you have naughty children around!

Dishwasher front panel covers are made of very durable materials like wood, plastic, or other materials, as you wish. You can find various options with the vast catalog of the House of Cabinet! Especially if you have unique pieces of furniture in your kitchen, you can order a custom dishwasher panel to enhance your decoration in the kitchen. 

You may also consider alternatives like cabinet front dishwashers. Even though these dishwashers are hard to place, you can still hide them with a custom panel and get the most out of them. You may also use the top of your dishwasher as a counter with the right panel design. 

Complete Your Color Palette with Right Design and Best Prices

No matter what kind of dishwasher you are using, you will always find the best front panel cover for your dishwasher with the help of the House of Cabinet. Our experts and high-skilled craftsmanship will be with you at every step while you are renovating your kitchen. 

You can choose from an extensive catalog with different alternatives and color options. Besides the wide selection of dishwasher cover panels, you can also order a custom one just to be made for your kitchen. 

The House of Cabinet will take your kitchen one step further with the highest quality products at the best prices!

The dishwasher panel is an excellent piece of the cabinet that allows you to hide the visible part of your dishwasher with a stylish design. Especially if your dishwasher differs from your overall kitchen design, a dishwasher panel can hide the look of your appliance and help you to get the correct transition. 


A dishwasher end panel is a false cover that can be used to hide your dishwasher from visible eyes. The end panel is used to create a perfect sight for every kitchen while hiding the out-of-color palette appliance. Dishwasher end panels can be made of various materials, including natural woods or materials such as MDF.


Dishwasher panels are not permanent additions to your appliance. If you want to change it and return your dishwasher back to its original appearance, you can easily take off your additional panel. Also, if you want to change your kitchen cabinets, you will always have the opportunity to change your dishwasher panel along with the cabinets. 


Unfortunately, not every dishwasher comes dishwasher panel ready. If you want to add an additional panel to your dishwasher, you need to buy a panel-ready appliance, or you can add a few cabinet accessories to add panels to your dishwasher. Even though your appliance is not panel-ready, you can still transform it with the proper accessories. 


You can buy dishwasher panels from the vast collection of the House of Cabinet. Our comprehensive choice of dishwasher panels will help you to fit your appliance into your kitchen design perfectly. With various material options from natural woods to MDF, you will always find high-end dishwasher panel options at the most affordable prices!


A panel-ready dishwasher should have additional accessories on the front side so that you can attach panels easily. The panel-ready dishwashers usually look unfinished without the panel. However, you can easily add the panel after placing it in your kitchen and transform it into an elegant look. A panel-ready dishwasher with the proper panel is almost indistinguishable from your kitchen cabinets. 


Installing dishwasher end panels requires a few steps. If you have a panel-ready dishwasher, you can simply install the panels without any trouble. After installing end panels, you must secure them by attaching them to your walls or floor. You can use proper tools and screws to attach your dishwasher end panel to your base or walls. 


Removing panels from dishwashers is easy. Especially if you are using a panel-ready dishwasher, you can simply take off the screws that you attached to your panel. There are usually four screws in each corner used in dishwasher panels. After removing the screws, you can simply pull the panel out of your dishwasher. 


You can clean your dishwasher panels the same as you clean your other kitchen cabinets. However, if you are using a special kind of wood material on your furniture, you should be careful about picking the right cleaning products. You can clean your panels with the proper chemicals and a soft cloth. 


You need to check in front of your dishwasher to understand if it is panel-ready or not. The panel-ready dishwashers usually have four attachment points for dishwasher panels. Also, panel-ready dishwashers look unfinished. If you have an unfinished front and attachment points on the front of your dishwasher, it can be a panel-ready appliance. 


Using panels on your dishwasher is a must. Especially if you are renovating your kitchen in a specific color palette, it is very important to hide odd-looking or out-of-color palette appliances such as dishwashers. The panels are excellent at completing the appearance of your room, as much as protecting your dishwasher from any outer damage. 


If you have custom kitchen furniture or a specific color theme in your kitchen, you should definitely get a panel-ready dishwasher. Especially if you are aiming to add value to your home by creating an elegant appearance in your kitchen, panel-ready dishwashers will be your best helper to complete the theme of your kitchen. 


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