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Crown Molding Models and Prices

When you plan to add some value to your home, you may consider including a few new decorative items in your rooms. For instance, crown moldings are one of the best additions that you can use for your home to increase its value and give it a better look!

A crown molding is a very unique design that can improve someone’s home with a straightforward trick. Even if it is hard to apply and requires top-notch craftsmanship, you can quickly increase the value of your home with these! Its hardship is not only limited to its installation, but also you need to choose the suitable crown molding for your room. 

Luckily, the House of Cabinet’s highest craftsmanship and experts will be with you on every step to get the most out of your renovation! 

Crown Moulding is Good for Every Room

A crown moulding can be installed in every room in your household. These essential items of detail can change the looks of your home with simple addition. 

For instance, if you are planning to decorate your living room with modern pieces of furniture and lighter colors, you may want to add some energy to your room. In that case, modern crown molding can be your best helper. Modern-looking moldings are very good at adding energy to places with contemporary types of furniture and especially rooms with lighter color palettes.

The foyer is another place where you may want to use flat crown moldings. Your entrance, which is the first place that your guests will see when they enter your home, must be more energetic and must have a soul to increase the ROI of your home. Flat crown moldings or wood crown moldings are suitable options for your foyer. Besides these two suggestions, you may also consider other crown molding options to create a good entryway!

Crown moldings are also used in living and dining rooms. Especially if you have classical furniture there, you may consider adding some simple crown molding or some crown molding trim that is suitable for your room’s color palette.

A crown molding in your room can greatly;

  • Increase the value of your home
  • It provides a spectacular atmosphere
  • Completes the color transition of your rooms easily

Crown moldings can be used in every room. Besides its decorational value, it can add some movement to your decoration and save you from having a dull and plain room.

Rebrand Your Kitchen with a Simple Touch

The kitchen is also another place where you can use crown moulding. When it comes to the kitchen, moldings can be helpful for many purposes, including hiding faulty corners, cracks, and screws.

Kitchen crown moldings can make your kitchen appear larger. Thanks to its nature, this single addition to your cabinets can change the look of your kitchen all along. Also, you can hide some lightning behind these kitchen cabinet crown moldings and get a fascinating scene while illuminating your kitchen. Especially if you enjoy using led lights in your home, you may find kitchen crown moldings very useful!

Applying cabinet crown molding is one of the most affordable ways to change the looks of your kitchen. Contrary to what is believed, crown molding costs are not very high. Especially while you are working with the experts of the House of Cabinet, you can be sure that you will get the best deals on the highest quality products, including crown moldings!

Crown Moldings Adds Value to Your Home

Crown moldings’ only purpose is not to add some stylish energy to your rooms but also it helps to add more value to your home with a new, fresh and elegant look! 

Similar to applying a fresh color palette with a coat of paint, even cheap crown molding can instantly elevate the style of your home and add extra value. You can also step up your game by adding cabinet crown moldings to your furniture. These unique designs will be your best friend while determining your return on investment after renovation.

Crown moldings are usually made of wood. Especially in classical households and rooms with classic pieces of furniture, wood crown moldings are the best option to get the right look. However, you can choose plastic or moldings made of other materials to lower your costs. Thanks to the forgiving nature of the crown moldings, you can apply a coat of paint on your molding to give it an elegant look, no matter what it is made of. Even the cheap crown molding options can be turned into something mesmerizing with exemplary craftsmanship. Fortunately, the House of Cabinet’s high-skilled experts will be with you while renovating your home! Along with the many options you can choose from, you will always get the best prices for high quality crown moldings

Different Styles for Every Room

Crown moldings can be used in every room, allowing different options for many styles. For instance, if you don’t like detailed designs, you may consider applying simple crown moldings in your rooms. The cove moldings are designed to highlight simplicity. Especially when using these options in rooms with lighter color palettes, you can get the best transition for your space. 

For more classical designed rooms, you may consider using dentil crown moldings. These unique designs come in a pattern and give a great look and energy to the rooms. When it is dentil crown moldings, you are not limited with the interior space. You may also use these moldings in exterior areas to add more details to your home. 

These low-cost design options are great for adding value to your home. It doesn’t matter if you are using a classical or contemporary option; you will always get the best design. 

Besides the crown moldings used on walls and ceilings, you can renew your furniture with a simple addition such as cabinet crown molding. Suppose you don’t have a budget or opportunity to renew your cabinetry. In that case, you may simply apply a wood cabinet crown molding suitable to your color palette and give it a new look. 

The affordable crown molding costs make renovating your rooms possible without spending a fortune! 

The price of crown moldings depends on how wide and complicated it is. The average cost for the moldings changes from $1 to $6, depending on the customization. It doesn’t matter where you are going to use your crown moldings; you can always get the best prices at the House of Cabinet! 


Crown moldings are excellent at adding extra value to your home. While you are adding an excellent decoration item to your home, you can greatly increase the value of your home with a simple touch. Especially if you are considering your renovation as a long-term investment, crown moldings will be your best helper! 


High-quality crown moldings are a must for every room if you want to add extra value to your house with a simple touch. The House of Cabinet’s vast collection of crown moldings will be your best helper while you are doing a renovation. You can buy your crown moldings at the most affordable prices at the House of Cabinet!


Crown molding is usually used in living rooms and bedrooms. However, if you want to get a more good-looking color transition in your home, you are free to use these accessories in every room. How much crown molding you need depends on your room’s size and design. 


You don’t need to spend so much time finding the best crown moldings for you. If you are looking for a place to buy crown moldings near you, the comprehensive collection of the House of Cabinet is at your disposal! You can find the best options at the most affordable prices! 


Solid wood is an excellent choice to use as crown molding. Especially if you have a classical look in your room, these would be a great choice to complete the appearance of your room. However, MDF is another popular choice to use as crown molding. Especially if you are on a tight budget, MDF is a more affordable choice. 


When you are placing crown moldings in your walls, you may have a challenging time getting the correct transition, especially on the corners. A crown molding block can be very helpful while you are placing moldings between your corners. Especially if you have many corners in your home, you should definitely get molding blocks. 


Crown moldings come with different designs and options. Some of these moldings can come pre-painted. However, some of them need to be painted after installing them on your walls. If your crown moldings require painting before installation, you must be careful about covering the natural cracks on the wood before painting. 


Installing crown molding is not a hard job. Especially if you are installing pre-cut molding to your walls, you can be sure that you will do it easily with the proper equipment and instructions. However, cutting them correctly can be challenging, and it requires proper tools to get the best results. 


Installing crown moldings is considered an easy job. Even if you don’t have experience installing these, you can easily place them on your walls without any trouble. However, you must be careful when you are cutting your moldings. It is better to order pre-cut crown moldings to be safe. 


The size and dimensions of crown moldings depend on your walls and ceiling height. However, it is recommended to get a minimum of four inches to get the best results. If you have a classical appearance in your room, you may want to go with wider crown moldings, such as 9 inches. 


If you are cutting your crown moldings by yourself, you must be sure that you are doing it at the right angle. The correct angle for crown molding cuts is 45-degree. You need to set your miter saw at 45 degrees to the left to get the best results for your craft. 


Crown molding installation is considered carpentry work. Even though you can install your own crown moldings with the proper equipment, if you want to leave it to a professional, you must hire a carpenter. If you are doing a more expansive renovation, a contractor can handle the installation of your crown moldings. 

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