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(Base) Angle Base Cabinet | AX-AB24


(Taban) Köşeli Dolap | AX-AB24


AB-AB24 24 Inch (Base) Angle Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-AW30 Single Door 30 Inch Wall Angle Corner Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-AW36 Single Door 36 Inch Wall Angle Corner Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-AWH36 36 Inch Wall Range Hood Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B09 Single Door 9 Inch Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B12 Single Door 12 Inch Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B15 Single Door 15 Inch Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B18 Single Door 18 Inch Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B21 Single Door 21 Inch, Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B24B Double Door 24 Inch Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B27B Double Door 27 Inch Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B30B Double Door 30 Inch Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B30MW (30"W) 30 Inch Microwave Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B33B Double Door 33 Inch Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-B36B Double Door 36 Inch Base Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-BBLC39/42-36"W Double Door 36 Inch Base Blind Corner Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-BBLC42/45-39"W Double Door 39 Inch Base Blind Corner Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-BBLC45/48-42"W Double Door 42 Inch Base Blind Corner Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-BDCF36 Single Door 36 Inch Base Diagonal Corner Sink Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-BDCF36K-FL Single Door 36 Inch Base Diagonal Corner Floor Cabinet | Lait Gray Shaker


AB-BFP09 Base Pull Out with Spice Rack | TSG Forevermark Lait Gray Shaker


AB-BTC12L Single Door 12 Inch Base Transitional Cabinet Left | Lait Gray Shaker


Kitchen Cabinets Models and Prices

Choosing the correct cabinet might be a burden if you don’t have enough options. However, thanks to the House of Cabinet’s wide selection of kitchen cabinets, you will always have the opportunity to choose the best for your home. 

A kitchen cabinet must have;

  • Vast storage capacity
  • Enough functionality for easy access 
  • Always trendy and stylish design
  • High durability

Kitchen cabinets have many options, from colors to size and other styles. Especially when you are renovating your home, you might want to spend some time choosing the exact cabinets that you are looking for. 

Colored kitchen cabinets are perfect for modern-looking kitchens. You will have every color option with our extensive catalog, from white to brown or black. 

Your Kitchen and Your Own Style!

Kitchen cabinets are one of the essential pieces of furniture when it comes to renovation. Especially if you have a tiny kitchen, the right furniture is crucial. A kitchen cabinet is not only a storage unit but also an opportunity to add value to your home. That’s why you need the best for your kitchen. 

Thanks to the vast catalog of the House of Cabinet, you will always get the best for your kitchen. Especially if you want something different or more detailed, you may choose from our various style options, such as french country kitchen cabinets and European style kitchen cabinets. These unique designs allow people to get the most out of their kitchens. 

European-style cabinets give a unique look to the rooms. Especially if you have a tiny kitchen, these cabinets will provide the best look and efficiency. A wide euro-style cabinet can be used as a vast storage unit and add value to your home with its stylish look. 

European cabinets can also be used in wider kitchens with more space. European kitchen cabinets with a lot of accessories. For instance, you may add lazy susan features to your base cabinets and increase the functionality in any space you want. 

Get the Most out of Your Kitchen with the Correct Cabinets!

When renovating your home, you may need to add more details to your rooms with the help of specially designed cabinets, such as custom kitchen cabinets. Especially if you have a tiny kitchen, you may need to utilize your dull spaces with a few angled cabinets. These unique designs will drastically improve the storage capacity of your kitchen, besides giving a more elegant look and increasing the value of your home. Angled corner cabinets can be placed in any space you want. Primarily when you use it as a kitchen base cabinet with drawers, you can easily store your everyday kitchenware, such as forks, and reach it without any trouble whenever you want. 

If you are planning to get the best kitchen cabinets for your home, you will have many options at House of Cabinet. Our high-skilled experts and top-notch craftsmanship will be with you at every step, from modern kitchen cabinets to country kitchen cabinets. Along with our wide variety of cabinetry, you can also order custom-made kitchen cabinets to get the most suitable design for your home. 

If you have a big sink, you may consider using an under-sink cabinet to transform these dead ends into functional, usable storage units. Besides hiding the plumbing underneath, it can also be used for storing oversized kitchen items such as fryers. You may also use kitchen sink cabinets to store your cleaning products safely.

You Can Use Different Colors in Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets can change the look of your home drastically. That’s why you need the best colors when renovating your kitchen. Luckily, you have many options with the vast catalog of the House of Cabinet!

White kitchen cabinets are suitable for kitchens without wide windows or enough illumination. You can brighten your room with the correct cabinetry. If you are not into white, you may also prefer gray kitchen cabinets or white oak kitchen cabinets to obtain lighter space along with an elegant look.

Suppose you prefer the more darker atmosphere in your kitchen. In that case, there are many options, such as sage green kitchen cabinets or brown kitchen cabinets. No matter what you are looking for, you can be sure you will get the best looks in your kitchen with the help of our extensive cabinet catalog. 

Various Materials at Your Disposal for Your Cabinetry! 

Especially for the kitchen with classical colors on the walls, you may consider wood cabinet options for your decoration. Even though it gives a more classical look, it is also good with contemporary cabinets. Various material options, such as maple kitchen cabinets, are good at blending those stylish designs. 

Walnut kitchen cabinets are also another popular choice among many homeowners. These durable materials are suitable for storing heavy household items, and they are absolutely stunning! If you have classical-looking furniture in your home, it is best to use cabinetry made of unique materials like oak kitchen cabinets. Thanks to the durable nature of this furniture, you can add a life-long investment to your home! 

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for; you will find the best for your home! Our wide selection of premade cabinets will be at your disposal for your desires. Besides premade cabinet options, you can also order custom cabinets that are specially designed for your kitchen with the materials and the colors that you want, such as rustic kitchen cabinets or cherry kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets at Affordable Prices

Renovating a kitchen can be costly; however, our discounted kitchen cabinets will help you to get the best for your home without forcing your budget. House of Cabinet’s cabinets for sale will help you to get the highest quality at the most affordable prices. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for cheap kitchen cabinets or luxury kitchen cabinets; you can be sure that you will find the best option for your needs with our vast catalog. From rta kitchen cabinets to inset kitchen cabinets, you will get the best kitchen cabinet prices with the help of our experts!

If you want to renovate your kitchen without spending a fortune, the House of Cabinet’s affordable kitchen cabinets will be your best helper!

The installation of kitchen cabinets depends on the style and dimensions of the cabinetry. If you have wide and heavy cabinets, you must be sure that you are supporting them with enough screws and nails. There are many different ways to install kitchen cabinets; however, screwing the parts into the walls is known as the most popular and secure way. 


When it comes to choosing a kitchen cabinet for your home, it is normal to aim for the best. However, there is no such thing as the best kitchen cabinet. But, some materials, such as solid wood, are considered as best materials to use in kitchen cabinets thanks to their durability and stylish appearance. 


Kitchen cabinet costs vary depending on their material, size, and other factors. If you prefer cheaper materials such as MDF and plywood, you can get more affordable cabinets for your kitchen. However, solid woods and other material options cost more. Luckily, no matter what you are going to prefer, you will always find the best prices at the House of Cabinet! 


The House of Cabinet’s vast collection of kitchen cabinets is perfect for your every need. From kitchen pantry cabinets to base and wall cabinets, you can always find top-notch craftsmanship at the most affordable prices. No matter what you are looking for, you can always buy your kitchen cabinets from the House of Cabinet. 


If you are only looking for doors for your kitchen cabinets, the House of Cabinet will be your best helper! Even if you are only planning to buy cabinet doors, you will always find countless options at the House Cabinet. Thanks to our vast catalog, you can always find top-notch craftsmanship at the most affordable prices. 


The cost of a kitchen cabinet depends on its size, materials, material, design, and even the paint job. If you choose a high-end material such as oak, pine, and other solid woods, it would cost more. If you are looking for a more affordable option for your kitchen cabinets, you can go with MDF and other cheaper materials.


Getting a paint job for your kitchen cabinets can change their appearance greatly. Even though you can do the painting by yourself with the proper tools and paints, you can get professional support from a carpenter or painter. A professional painter can renew your kitchen cabinet’s paint easily within a few days. 


Best kitchen cabinets, according to homeowners, include solid wood, MDF, and plywood materials. These durable and stylish material options for kitchen cabinets provide an elegant look with the proper designs and color palettes. Especially if you have a classical design in your home, having solid wood kitchen cabinets would be the best option for you. 


If you are doing a renovation and considering donating your old kitchen cabinets, you can send them to nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill. You may also talk with your local nonprofit organizations to learn where you can donate your cabinets easily. You can also recycle your old wooden cabinets. 


If you have a ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinet, you can easily install your own cabinetry just by following the instructions manual. However, if you are looking for professional help, you may need to hire a carpenter, handyman, or contractor. It is recommended to contact a contractor for full-scale renovations. 


Your needs for kitchen cabinets depend on how much storage space that you are looking for in your home. For instance, many households require a pantry cabinet in addition to base cabinets and functional kitchen wall cabinets. Also, you may consider getting a microwave cabinet or similar appliance cabinets to obtain a better appearance. 


Having a stylish and good-looking cabinet is important for adding extra value to your home. Especially when you consider your renovation as a long-term investment, you must be sure that you are getting a chic cabinet. Shaker cabinets are the most trendy cabinet style recently. If you are looking for a good-looking and always stylish cabinet option, this is your best option! 


Kitchen cabinets are made of various different materials. The most popular cabinet material is known as solid wood. Especially if you are aiming for durable and stylish kitchen cabinets, solid woods are the best choice. Every kitchen cabinet, regardless of the material, is made by experts with top-notch craftsmanship at the House of Cabinet! 


The costs of kitchen cabinets depend on the design, material, and size of your cabinetry. Some kitchen cabinets are more expensive than others. Especially if you are looking for a solid wood cabinet, you may need to pay more. However, there are also other options that can fit your budget, such as MDF and plywood. 


White and black colors are known as timeless kitchen cabinets. Thanks to their all-rounder color palette, you can always have a stylish and elegant kitchen in your home with these pieces of cabinetry. You may also consider getting shaker-style cabinets to get a timeless appearance in your kitchen. 


It is very common to renew your cabinets by professionally painting them. Especially if you don’t want to renovate your whole kitchen, you can easily get a fresh look in your kitchen just with a professional paint job. You can also change the color theme of your kitchen with the proper painting. 


Most of the kitchen cabinets can be removed and reused without any trouble. However, you must be sure that you have the same or similar dimensions in the new place where you are going to install your old cabinets. If you don’t have exact dimensions, you can simply add a few new pieces and still use your old kitchen cabinets.


It is possible to use your kitchen cabinets in your bathroom too. Especially if you have solid wood kitchen cabinets, you can easily place them in your bathroom. You may also use your kitchen sink cabinets as a bathroom cabinet without any trouble. A stylish and timeless cabinet would look good in both rooms. 


Kitchen cabinets can be installed by yourself if you have proper tools and instruction manuals. However, sometimes installing a kitchen cabinet can be challenging. Especially if you have out-of-ordinary designs for your kitchen, or you need different electricity wirings, plumbing, and such, you may need to get support from a professional. 


Refacing is the best alternative for a renovation if you are on a tight budget. Even though you need to spend some money on refacing your kitchen cabinets, it is cheaper than changing the whole cabinetry. The cost of kitchen cabinet refacing depends on the material and the design of your existing cabinets. 


It is absolutely possible to refinish kitchen cabinets. Especially if you don’t want to renovate your whole kitchen, refinishing it can be the best choice in many cases. Besides the easier application, it will also save you from the cost of an expensive renovation for your kitchen cabinets. 


The House of Cabinet is one of the best options for buying kitchen cabinets online. Our extensive catalog of kitchen cabinets is ready to provide you with high-end products at the most affordable prices. Our experts and top-notch craftsmanship will always be with you at every stage of your renovation. 


Custom cabinets are known as the most expensive pieces of kitchen cabinets. Especially if you are looking for a handmade, custom cabinet for your kitchen, you may need to pay larger amounts for your cabinetry. Also, solid woods are another expensive material option when you compare them with MDF and plywood.


Proper cabinetry can stay with you for many years. For instance, a high-quality solid wood cabinet can last up to 50 to 60 years without losing its functionality. When you are renovating your kitchen with high-quality products, you can consider it a long-term investment that will be with you for many years.

Before buying kitchen cabinets, you must determine your kitchen style and storage needs. If you have wider storage needs, you may need to buy a tall pantry or utility cabinet. Besides the storage size, you should determine if you are aiming for a contemporary or a classical design in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter what kind of style you are aiming for; you can always get the best at the House of Cabinet!


The price tag of a kitchen cabinet heavily depends on the material of the cabinet. While solid wood cabinets are known as the most expensive, there are many cheap cabinet options that you can use in your cabinets if you are on a tight budget, such as wood veneer, plywood, laminate, and MDF. 


If you don’t have vast space in your kitchen or don’t want to utilize your available space with cabinetry and get a minimalist look, you must calculate how many kitchen cupboards you need before doing a renovation. You can determine your needs by considering, in general, a single person needs a six-square-foot kitchen cabinet in their kitchens. 


The top-quality kitchen cabinets are the ones made of solid wood such as oak, pine, and cherry. The durable nature of these woods keeps their shape and functionality for many years and is usually considered a long-term investment. Especially custom-made solid wood kitchen cabinets are known as the best quality cabinetry. 


Summer is known as the best time for doing kitchen renovations. Many companies make sales during the summer period to attract customers. However, there are sale and discount periods such as Christmas and boxing days. Even though there is no specific date for discounted kitchen cabinet shopping, you can check the prices on regular sales periods like Black Friday, Christmas, and Boxing Day. 


Kitchen cabinets are usually painted with water-based acrylic paints. A proper cabinet with a good paint job will always be easy to clean. You can simply use your regular cleaning products with a soft cloth to clean your kitchen cabinets. You may also consider using a natural remedy, such as a mixing of one cup of water and white vinegar to clean your cabinets easily. 


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