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Baseboard Molding Products and Prices

Baseboard moldings are one of the most underrated decorative objects in a household. It is a transitional piece that helps your floor and walls blend. It creates a good-looking environment within their color palettes. 

Especially if you are looking for a new touch in your house, you may consider renewing your baseboards or adding a new one, just for one room or your whole home. Including modern baseboards, every choice you can make will absolutely add some value to your home! 

House of Cabinet’s rich baseboard moldings collection will help you get what you want from your home! You will love the color, shape, and other options you can choose!

There are a lot of benefits to having baseboard moldings;

  • Adds value to your home
  • Completes the color transitions 
  • Protects base furniture from damages 
  • Creates a stylish appearance  

Add Style to Your Home

Baseboard moldings are very good at adding style to your home. When you look at the blank floor and the walls, you feel like something is missing. Even if you are not a big fan of baseboard moldings, you can still feel the difference when you get them. 

Baseboard moldings with different styles can reshape the atmosphere and the aura of your room. For instance, you may choose any wood baseboard for your living room and create a more cozy atmosphere with the color blends. 

You may also consider white baseboard options to give your room more clean and bright vibes. Especially for the living room and guest rooms, white baseboard options are the best for most cases. 

Of course, you are not only limited to the white color options. Especially if you have darker colors on your walls, you may need transitional colors and styles for your baseboard moldings. You can try plywood or oak moldings to improve your floor’s transition to the walls. House of Cabinet’s color variety on baseboard moldings will allow you to find the best options for your rooms!

Simple but Elegant Touch to Your Rooms!

Baseboard moldings are usually ignored or overlooked when renewing a room. However, it gives an excellent opportunity to add value to your rooms with a simple but exquisite touch. 

It doesn’t matter what material you are using for your baseboards; it will always improve and lift the atmosphere of your room. Especially if you are into traditional style and using classic furniture in your room, a good and stylish baseboard is a must for you! Baseboard styles with darker colors and classical shapes can help you greatly while decorating your room and rearranging your color palette. 

Modern style baseboards are also helpful if you have modern pieces of furniture and brighter colors in your rooms. It suits very well with the white and lighter color walls and floors. Especially if your floor has darker colors than your walls, modern style baseboard moldings will help drastically for the correct color transition. You can be sure that you will find the best option for your room with the House of Cabinet’s rich collection of baseboard moldings. 

Different Shapes and Materials as You Wish

Baseboard moldings come with different materials and shapes that will fit into your room as you wish. Modern style baseboards will blend perfectly with wall and floor decors. 

You may also choose a tall baseboard for bigger rooms with higher ceilings. You can balance the floor and color transition with tall baseboard moldings and create the best possible atmosphere for your space. Especially if you have higher ceilings than usual, you may need tall baseboards like 6 inch baseboards or more for a more balanced look.

Farmhouse baseboard trims are another option for your home if you want a more classical and practical look. It will help with dark and light color transitions, giving a unique soul to your walls. Farmhouse baseboard moldings with different colors and wood options will create a unique and cozy atmosphere in your room. Especially if your home is decorated with a more classical style, you may need to use farmhouse baseboard styles than using modern style baseboards.

Baseboard moldings can be produced with different materials, including natural wood or more budget-friendly options life MDF. MDF baseboards with a natural look are almost indistinguishable from real wood and give the exact addition that you want in your room. 

Various Colors at Your Disposal

For the right color palette and transition between walls and floor, you must pick the right color for your baseboards. Luckily, you have comprehensive disposal of colors at the House of Cabinet!

You may choose white baseboard moldings or cream baseboards for light-colored walls for a better transition. You may also pick the exact dark brown color for your baseboard to go along with the color palette of your floorings. No matter what you are looking for, you will find the best options in the House of Cabinet’s collection. 

Starting from farmhouse baseboard trim options to more modern style baseboards, you will get the highest quality products with the help of our experts. 

Add Value to Your Home with Low-Cost Baseboard Moldings

Baseboard moldings are excellent for adding additional value to your home without forcing your budget. Even cheap baseboards can change the look of your rooms and make them more eye-catching. 

The first thing that someone will notice when looking at a room will be the color palette and transitions between the floor and the walls. You can be sure that a room without baseboard moldings will have difficulty giving a proper look. However, even budget-friendly baseboard molding will improve the room’s mood drastically. Especially when you use suitable wood baseboards that go along with your floorings, you can change the appearance of the room with an effortless touch, but an effective one!

Undoubtedly, baseboard moldings are a room’s most overlooked design object but one of the most effective ones. Suppose you want to add additional value to your home with a budget-friendly option. In that case, you may consider adding cheap baseboard moldings into your rooms and see the change!

House of Cabinet will always provide you with the best craftsmanship and durable, stylish baseboard moldings at affordable prices! 

Cutting baseboard moldings can be tricky. However, if you have the correct measurements and equipment, you can easily cut your own baseboard moldings. Before cutting your moldings, you must start by measuring the moldings that will fit your walls. After that, you can use a miter saw to cut it accurately. 


Baseboards are pieces of furniture and cabinetry. Carpenters are the professionals that install the baseboards perfectly to your cabinetry. However, if you have expertise or interest in carpentry, you can install your baseboards with the proper instructions. Especially if you have the correct equipment, it is easier to install your baseboards. 


Removing your baseboard moldings requires a pry bar. First, you must find the connection points between your walls and baseboard moldings. After finding the nails attached on your moldings, you can use a pry bar to take it off. It is best to be careful when removing your moldings to prevent any damage to your wall paints or wallpapers. 


Baseboard molding is a very common piece of furniture that can be seen in every home. It is the wooden trim that goes all along the bottom of your walls. Baseboard moldings can be used in every room. It is very common in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. It helps to get a better color transition between the floor and the walls. 


You can buy baseboard moldings from the House of Cabinet. The best materials that will correctly fit your needs will change the appearance of your rooms and create a more elegant atmosphere. The top-notch craftsmanship of the House of Cabinet will be your best helper while you are renovating your home. 


Baseboard moldings are usually between half and one inch thick and three to eight inches tall. It is preferred to use thinner baseboard molding to get a more elegant look in your rooms. However, depending on the material that it’s made of, the thickness of baseboard moldings can go up to three inches.


Nail choice of baseboards is usually standard. If you have a typical thick baseboard molding, you can use 2 inches - 6D nails or 2.5 inches - 8D if you are looking for a more extended option. It is also best to use a gauge between 15 gauge to 18 gauge to install your baseboard moldings easily. 


Measuring a baseboard molding is usually easier. Baseboard molding goes along in a straight line between your walls and floor. You can quickly measure the length of your walls and get the measurements for your baseboard moldings. However, it is best to measure every wall separately in your room to get a certain dimension. 


When it comes to baseboard moldings, you will have a lot of style choices for your home at the House of Cabinet. The most popular and elegant wood baseboard moldings styles are beaded, smooth, square, curved, and ornate. Also, many other options are at your disposal at the House of Cabinet! 


Measurements of your wall are vital to cut your baseboard molding perfectly. It is recommended to measure your walls twice to prevent any mistakes. After getting the correct measurements, you can use a saw or similar equipment to cut your baseboard moldings. Especially if you have different styles for your baseboard moldings, it is better to be extra careful while cutting angled moldings. 


If you are going to cut and install your baseboard moldings by yourself, you will need different tools and equipment. For measurements, you need a tape measure and an angle ruler. For cutting, you can use a miter saw or a similar saw. For installing your baseboard moldings, you can use a nail gun. Also, it is better to have a spackle with you to hide nails or fix any possible damage. 


It is recommended to cut your baseboard molding at a 45-degree angle. You can easily set up your miter saw to 45 in the direction of the running molding. After getting the correct measurements for your home, you can easily cut it without any trouble by yourself with the proper tools. 


Baseboards are the architectural elements that run along your walls between the floor and the walls. It is usually made of wood, but you can also use other materials according to your style and needs. Moldings are another similar element that can be used in different places, such as doors, crowns, panels, windows, fireplaces, and more. 


Baseboard moldings can be made of different materials. However, thanks to their durability and stylish look, hardwoods such as oak, maple, and pine are known as the best choice for baseboard moldings. Hardwood baseboard moldings come in different shapes, designs, and colors to provide the best for your home. Also, these materials can be varnished to last longer. 


There is no standard height for baseboard moldings. However, the common practice is  3 to 5 inches tall for standard, 8-foot walls. If your ceiling is higher, like 10-foot, you can go with taller baseboard molding options, like 5 to 7 inches. You can choose any height for your baseboard moldings as you wish. 


Baseboard moldings are ideal when they are half or one inch thick. Thicker looks are usually preferred by many people to get a more elegant look for their rooms. However, if you have an out-of-ordinary design in your home, there are also different options, such as 2-inch thick baseboard moldings. 


Baseboard moldings are architectural elements that must go along your whole wall. It may look odd if you place your moldings without going around your room. You should always measure your four walls in a room and get the proper measurements for your baseboard moldings to get the most out of your renovation. 


Choosing the correct baseboard moldings is essential for your room’s appearance. If you have a classical design in your room, you can use curves on your baseboard moldings. For traditional and farmhouse designs, flat and angular baseboard moldings are known as the best. You can also use ornate curves to get an excellent appearance in your home. 


Baseboard moldings can be replaced easily just by installing new ones. If they are not damaged, a paint job can be enough to renew those. If you are going to install new baseboards, you may need a carpenter. However, you can contact a painter to repair the damages and get a new paint job.


Having the correct color transition is extremely important when it comes to the appearance of your room. Baseboard moldings are perfect for getting the best color transition. It is also necessary to protect your walls from any damage that kicks, abrasions, or furniture can cause. Besides decorative purposes, it also protects the walls.


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